Greetings to you all. Welcome to BackSeatDriver.

I've been following the car/motorsport industry since I fell in love with engineering, technology, and design as a child. And over the years, I've see highs, lows, and various changes in both sectors as we worked our way to where we are today. Now we are witnessing a great transition in the industry, with the increase in popularity of new technologies pushing forwards to scenes we'd previously seen in science-fiction: of humming autominus cars taking us place to place.

This object of BackSeatDriver is to talk about observations in the industry. It will most likely be Formula 1 centric, as F1 is my main "go-to" in terms of following motorsports. I have been spreading my attention to other motorsports over the years, and I do plan on keeping topics diverse. But F1 is my more familiar topic.

Everything I write should be taken as an opinion, not a certainty. They are based on the amalgamation of experiences and influences I have encountered throughout my life, and they may change over time. I have my loves, hates, and everything in between.
That being said, I do not wish/aim to be hateful or dismissive towards aspects of the car industry or culture. I can be critical at times, but that is purely to question, debate, or merely discuss aspects.

I can be wrong. I make mistakes. I have no issues in admitting that. I'm not here to tell you what you like/dislike, want/hate. The differences in opinions is why different car cultures exist; and that is part of why car culture, as a whole, is so great: People with different visions and drives, all brought together by a common element.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time on this site.

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